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Souk Al Hiqma Islamic Decor & More

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Alhiqma curates Islamic home decor for you. Islamic wall art, candlesticks. Lanterns, platters, cookie cutters, Ramadan decor, Eid decor, and more for your Muslim home as a housewarming, Eid, Ramadan, or Muslim wedding present.

Muslim home décor expresses your identity.

The way you decorate your home ought to represent who you are. It is your house, and as such, it should reflect your unique identity as a Muslim along with your personality and beliefs. Since Islam is a way of life, one natural question to ask is whether or not there are any guidelines that must be followed while decorating a Muslim home. The correct response is yes. It is important for Muslim households as well as designers who are decorating a home for Muslims to adhere to the Islamic home decorating guidelines that have been established. These guidelines are a manual that will assist you in establishing an environment in which you can pray in peace and contentment, knowing that you are safe and surrounded by reminders of Allah (SWT).

So, what are the must haves to decorate a Muslim Home?

For Home

Islamic Home Decor Suitable for the Contemporary Muslim Household Shop for contemporary and one-of-a-kind decorations that will assist you in making an environment that expresses both you and your devotion to Islam.

Inspiring design, calligraphy, and Islamic geometric patterns are featured prominently throughout our assortment of Muslim home décor, which will give any interior a fashionable boost. Check out our assortment of Islamic home decor, including wall art, trays, candle holders, lanterns, string lights, table runners, and more. We have a variety of options available.

Express your own Muslim identity via your home design.