About Us

Alhiqma derives from the word Al Hikmah which means Wisdom from God. It is related to knowledge and is the understanding of the  connection between cause and effect.

 While strolling the streets of Istanbul in 2018, we stumbled upon the Kiswah Kaabah in a local prayer shop. The beautiful intricate cover called out to us to explore its pages. We unravelled a simple word by word translation of the Al Quran in Rumi. This prompted us to explore options of sourcing it locally in Singapore.

 Alhiqma was born with the intent of providing a marketplace for one’s prayer needs under one roof. From Al-Qurans to Sejadahs/Janamaz to Tasbihs/Misbaha you can explore a variety of collections to suit your needs.

We source beautiful covers from around the world to cater to all age groups. From elderly parents, to a married couple, to a young child starting off on their religious journey we have something for everyone.

 Available in different formats and sizes, our Al-Qurans are available in English, Malay/Rumi and Arabic.

We also offer Tagging services at an additional cost. The Al Quran is segregated with 383 little colour coded tags for important topic matters, Allah’s words and promises and the Beauty of the Deen.

Thank you for visiting us and hope you find what you’re seeking for.