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 Al-Hiqma Islamic Gift Shop

Islamic Lifestyle Store,Islamic Gifts and More.Give Your Love One a Range of Religiously Inspired Lifestyle Products and Gifts Of Qurans To Prayers

Alhiqma comes from the word Al Hikmah, which means "Wisdom from God." It has to do with knowledge and is the ability to see how one thing leads to another.

In 2018, while walking around Istanbul, we found the Kiswah Kaabah in a local prayer shop. The book's beautiful, intricate cover made us want to look inside. We found a straightforward word-by-word translation of the Al Quran into Rumi. This led us to look into how we could get it in Singapore.

Alhiqma was made with the idea that it would be a place where people could buy everything they needed for prayer under one roof. You can look through Al-Qurans, Prayer Mats, Tasbihs/Misbaha, and other collections to find the ones that meet your needs.

We get beautiful covers from all over the world so that we can serve people of all ages. We have something for everyone, from older parents and married couples to young children just starting out on their religious journey.

Our Al-Qurans come in English Translation & Transiteration, Malay & Rumi Transliteration and Arabic Script. Come in different sizes.

Quran Tagging Is Available too ."Tagging" costs extra. 383 color-coded tags divide significant issues, Allah's teachings and promises, and the beauty of the Deen.We're glad you stopped by, and we hope you find what you're looking for.

Come By To Our Store At East Village 430 Upper Changi Road #01-79,

Singapore 487048

Thank you for visiting us and hope you find what you’re seeking for.