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Vintage Candle Snuffer and Aromatherapy Candle Tool


Introducing Our Vintage Candle Extinguishing Mask: Aromatherapy Elegance Redefined

Experience the charm of a bygone era with our Vintage Candle Extinguishing Mask, a long-handled tool designed for the connoisseurs of aromatherapy candles. This exquisite piece serves not only as a practical accessory but as a statement of sophistication in candle care.

Key Features:

  1. Elegant Vintage Design: Crafted with a nod to the past, this extinguishing mask exudes vintage elegance, elevating the aesthetic of your candle-lighting experience.

  2. Long Handle: The elongated handle ensures safety and convenience, allowing you to extinguish candles without reaching uncomfortably close to the flame.Length 16cm-17cm

  3. Metal Wick Flame Snuffer: The mask features a metal wick flame snuffer, providing a gentle and effective way to put out candle flames without smoke or wax splatter.

  4. Multi-functional: Beyond extinguishing, this tool doubles as a candle holder, adding a touch of regality to your decor even when your candles are not in use.

  5. Aromatherapy Companion: Perfect for use with aromatherapy candles, the extinguishing mask enhances the overall sensory experience, allowing you to savor the lingering scents without the disruption of blowing out the flame.


  • Safety: The long handle ensures a safe distance from the flame, minimizing the risk of burns.

  • Preservation: Extinguish candles effortlessly, preserving their delicate fragrances for the next use.

  • Décor Accent: The vintage design transforms a simple tool into a stylish décor accent, seamlessly blending function and aesthetics.

Aromatherapy Refined:

Elevate your candle ritual with our Vintage Candle Extinguishing Mask. Uncover the beauty of safer, more sophisticated candle care, and let the vintage charm become an integral part of your aromatherapy experience.

Note: Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that you receive a unique and timeless addition to your collection.

This refined description emphasizes the vintage elegance, safety features, and multi-functional aspects of the candle extinguishing mask, making it an appealing accessory for candle enthusiasts and aromatherapy aficionados

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