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Al Quran Tagging Kits English & Malay


Introducing the Tag Your Own Al-Quran-Choose In English or Malay Tagging Kits! Reconnect with the Quran by not just reading it, but also underlining and tagging ayahs to grasp the beauty of Allah's teachings and the Deen.

  1. New In! English Tagging Kits in collaboration with #SouthAfricanMuslimahTaggingKits (Parts 1 /2/3) - Exclusive Reseller in Asia:

    • Part 1 - Manual / 80 Pre Cut Stickers *Focuses on versus Calling Upon Allah
    • Part 2 - Manual / 80 Pre Cut Stickers *Knowing & Glorifying Allah Through His Attributes & Assurances
    • Part 3-Manual/ 80 Pre Cut Stickers *Versus Bringing Peace To The Heart
    • Exclusively For Al-Hiqma Customers by Al-Hiqma:
      • Quran Journal
      • Size A6 Yasin Book In English Translation & Transliteration
      • Juz Stickers (30)
      • Surah stickers (114)
    • A total of 384 pre-cut stickers

Receive 549 English or Malay tags covering (398 Ayats, 30 Juz, and 114 Surahs, spanning 7 subjects) with our exclusive Quran Tagging Kits.

Consists of Quran Journal,Notebook,Digital Tasbih & Keychain

  1. Please note that the Al-Quran is not included in the kits. The kits are designed to enhance your Quranic experience by helping you to tag and mark important ayahs and surahs for better understanding and remembrance.
  2. Reignite your connection with the Quran through these Tagging Kits and delve deeper into the beauty of its teachings!

Consider pairing with an Al-Quran or a gorgeous Tasbih from our collection, for yourself or as a thoughtful and memorable Gift for any Occasion.

Disclaimer:  Actual product colours may vary from the images shown. Every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colours, and every individual may see these colours differently. In addition, lighting conditions at the time the photo was taken can also affect an image's colour. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.