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Ajwa Dates

Tamar Madinah specialises in Premium Dates and also Assorted Dates Exclusively Brought to you By Alhiqma as a Distributor

Our dates are freshly hand-picked from the farms and with the aid of modern technology, the dates undergo a meticulous process of fumigation, rigorous sorting, cleaning and packing process.

The dates are sorted and packed using STATE-OF-THE-ART Equipment:

  • Each phase of production is closely monitored by our food engineers
  • Storage takes place in temperature-controlled rooms, ensuring freshness and quality
  • The Facility is ISOcertified, Halal and has acquired several Global certifications
  • Our Factory complies to:
    -Global G.A.P: the World’s leading farm assurance and programme emphasising product safety, environmental impact, health, safety and welfare of workers
    -Institute of Global Certification (IGC)
    IGC is an internationally accredited certification body that provides system certification, product certification, auditor training, test and inspection under the concept of ONE STOP based on global competitiveness in order to advance into overseas markets and enhance competitiveness
    -Firm Certificate registered with local Saudi Authority (similar to ACRA)
    -Registered with Saudi Ministry of Commerce/Ministry of Trade
    With this in place, we assure our consumers that we provide top-notch dates at an affordable price
    Besides religious affiliations with our Prophet’s city of Madinah, the specific environmental and soil conditions of our Holy City nurture and nourish our dates with the best taste that is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) also mentioned the benefits of the Ajwa, saying they prevent certain diseases. Ajwa dates contain many flavonoid glycosides, which have antioxidant properties 

*Please note the accessories are for decorative purposes only and it is NOT included.