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Ajwa In Bow Boxes & Gift Bag



Introducing our exclusive selection of 3 or 7 Exceptional Individually Wrapped Ajwa Dates from Tamar Madinah. These dates are meticulously chosen from the premium Ajwa date trees in Madinah, renowned for yielding the world's highest-quality dates.

Each date is thoughtfully wrapped individually to ensure its freshness and preserve its natural sweetness. Ajwa dates are celebrated for their distinctive taste, soft texture, and rich flavor profile, creating a genuine delight for your taste buds.

Beyond being a delectable treat, these dates offer numerous health benefits. Ajwa dates are rich in essential nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber, constituting a nutritious snack that not only provides energy but also supports overall well-being.

Encased in choice of an exquisite Bow Box or Gift Bag these  Exceptional Individually Wrapped Ajwa Dates from Tamar Madinah make an ideal gift for special occasions, celebrations, or as a gesture of appreciation. They are also a perfect choice for personal enjoyment, whether during Ramadan, as a wholesome snack, or as a sweet indulgence throughout the year.

Quoting the Prophet ﷺ "He will not be harmed by anything until he reaches the evening" when referring to consuming seven Ajwa dates. [Sahih Muslim (2047)]

Consider pairing with an Al-Quran or a gorgeous Tasbih from our collection, for yourself or as a thoughtful and memorable Gift for any Occasion.

Al-Hiqma offers a Tagging Service to enhance your understanding of the Quran for an additional charge. Add this service when you purchase a Quran from us and receive your fully tagged Quran within 7 working days, with the option to choose from English (549 tags) or Malay tags (533 tags).

Our experienced team meticulously tags each Quran with colour-coded tags that highlight essential issues, Allah's teachings, promises, and the beauty of the Deen.

Better yet, skip the wait and tag your pre-owned Qurans on your own with Al-Hiqma's Tagging Kits. Reconnect with the Quran, highlighting and marking ayahs to obtain a better grasp of what you're reading. These Tagging Kits are also available in English or Malay. Get your very own Tagging Kits and start your journey towards knowing Allah again. No purchase of Quran from us is required to get your Tagging Kits.

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