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Yasin & Juz Amma Book


Introducing the "Yasin Book: Heart of the Quran," a sweet and meaningful gift for your special days. This beautifully embossed leather book contains the full Juz Amma and selected Surahs that are commonly read every day.

♥️ Sizes of Products & Details ♥️

  • Yasin Book Size: 12x16 cm with a thickness of 2cm, designed in Arabic script Rasm Uthmani.
  • This Yasin book is equivalent to Size A6.

Surahs Included:

  1. Al-Fatiha
  2. Al-Baqarah
  3. Al-Kahf
  4. As-Sajdah
  5. Yasin
  6. Ad-Dukhan
  7. Al-Fath
  8. Ar-Rahman
  9. Al-Waqi'ah
  10. Al-Hashr
  11. Al-Jumu'ah
  12. At-Tahrim
  13. Al-Mulk
  14. Al-Insan
  15. An-Naba
  16. An-Naziat
  17. Abasa
  18. At-Takwir
  19. Al-Infitar
  20. Al-Mutaffifin
  21. Al-Inshiqaq
  22. Al-Buruj
  23. At-Tariq
  24. Al-A'la
  25. Al-Ghashiyah
  26. Al-Fajr
  27. Al-Balad
  28. Ash-Shams
  29. Al-Lail
  30. Ad-Duha
  31. Ash-Sharh
  32. At-Tin
  33. Al-Alaq
  34. Al-Qadr
  35. Al-Bayyinah
  36. Az-Zalzalah
  37. Al-Adiyat
  38. Al-Qariah
  39. At-Takathur
  40. Al-Asr
  41. Al-Humazah
  42. Al-Fil
  43. Quraish
  44. Al-Ma'un
  45. Al-Kauthar
  46. Al-Kafirun
  47. An-Nasr
  48. Al-Masad
  49. Al-Ikhlas
  50. Al-Falaq
  51. An-Nas

The Yasin Book also includes the Dua Khatmul Quran, concluding prayers recited after completing the Quran.

This heartfelt gift, "Yasin Book: Heart of the Quran," is perfect for your special occasions, offering a compact and elegant collection of essential Surahs and daily recitations. Its beautiful design and meaningful content make it a cherished keepsake for anyone who receives it.Comes With A QR Code.

Consider pairing with an Al-Quran or a gorgeous Tasbih from our collection, for yourself or as a thoughtful and memorable Gift for any Occasion.

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