Wasl Digital Tasbih E-Subha


Wasl Digital Tasbih(E-Subha) with 0 to 99 count to enhance the experience of communication in spiritual way.

High Quality LED lighting.in addition to many innovative features,will give you a sense of excellence.

Suitable for people with special needs(vision or hearing impairment)

Easy To Use Because the Vibration vibrates when reaching 33




Well Fit and Comfortable E-Subha is similar to the traditional subha in its basic functions, but it is more elegant and sophisticated.


Modern & Stylish E-Subha is easy to use and has a modern appearance and innovative features to ensure that you look fashionable and stylish.


Vibration E-Subha will alert you by vibrating once on every 33 counts and vibrates twice when the count starts again.


Light Indication In addition to vibrating, E-Subha has a LED light indicator when you reach 33 counts to ensure your continuous following-up.

Sleep/ Save Mood To save battery and use the counter as long as possible, E-Subha will automatically turn off when it is not in use for 30 seconds.


Features and Specifications An electronic Subha (battery operated) with a modern, distinctive and elegant design, in black color. Made of rubber and plastic.


E-Subha Packaging Dimensions

Colour Black

Width: 10.16 cm

Height: 7.67 cm

Weight: 60g

Made Of Rubber and Plastic


How to use

1. Press the button to run.

2. To count, repeat pressing the button.

3. To restart, press the button for two second