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Tasbih Misbaha Matte Amazonite


The "Tasbih Misbaha Matte Amazonite 99 beads" with 8mm beads is a prayer or meditation bead string designed for the remembrance of Allah (dhikr) in Islamic traditions. Here's a description with a focus on the 8mm bead size:

Material: Crafted from Amazonite beads, these beads are 8mm in size. Amazonite is a mineral known for its calming green to blue-green color, and the matte finish on the beads provides a smooth, non-reflective surface.

Bead Size: Each bead has a diameter of 8mm, which is a standard size for Misbaha beads. This size is comfortable to handle, allowing for ease of use during prayer or meditation.

Bead Count: The Tasbih consists of 99 beads, following the traditional configuration associated with the 99 names or attributes of Allah in Islamic tradition. The 8mm size ensures a balanced and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Matte Finish: The matte finish on the 8mm Amazonite beads adds a subtle and earthy texture to the Tasbih. This finish not only contributes to the overall appearance but also enhances the tactile experience during prayer or meditation.

Purpose: The Tasbih serves the primary purpose of aiding individuals in the practice of dhikr, involving the repetition of Allah's names or other religious phrases. The 8mm size strikes a balance between being noticeable and comfortable for repetitive use.

Design: Designed for practicality and aesthetics, the Tasbih features a loop at one end for easy handling during prayer sessions. The arrangement of 99 beads allows for a smooth transition from one count to the next.

Symbolism: Beyond its functional aspects, the use of Amazonite beads may symbolize calmness and tranquility during spiritual practices. The 8mm size ensures that the Tasbih is both visually appealing and suitable for regular use.


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