Tasbih Bracelet


Our Tasbih Bracelets have finally arrived!The 33 Sphere Beads on the bracelet makes it not only a super dainty piece around your wrist ,but functional too.

Beautiful Handmade with Matt Black Bracelet 33Beads used for Dhikr and remembrance of Allah.Simple minimalist design exclusively by Al-Hiqma.Ideal gift for men or women.Will fit wrist sizes 6-8.5 inches.

Dhikr is a ritual Muslims perform after each of the five obligatory daily prayers. Dhikr consists of repeating Allah’s name as a form of remembrance. The most common dhikr involves repeating “Subhanallah” and “Alhamdulillah” 33 times each and “Allahu akbar” 34 times. You can perform dhikr aloud or silently, and keep track of your recitations by using your hand or a string of prayer beads.

Black Matt Stone

33 Small 6mm Round Spherical Beads Without Dividers

*Black Bracelet With Silver Qaf Bead or  Black Bracelet With Turkey Eye Qaf Bead

*Comes In A Pouch