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Risalah Doa Mustajab Lengkap


Title: "Risalah Doa" (Booklet of Supplications)-In Malay

Description: Risalah Doa is a compilation of supplications gathered from various books. These prayers are sourced from the Quran, the practices of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the companions, the Saints (Wali), and obtained through dreams. The collection also includes supplications based on the Asmaul Husna (Beautiful Names of Allah) and other sources.Size A6

Key Features:

  1. Diverse Sources:

    • Incorporates prayers from the Quran, traditions of Prophet Muhammad, companions, Saints, and various other authentic sources.
  2. Comprehensive Content:

    • Encompasses a wide range of supplications for various situations and needs.
    • Reflects the richness of Islamic spiritual practices.
  3. Derived from Dreams:

    • Includes supplications inspired by dreams, emphasizing a spiritual connection with the divine.
  4. Incorporation of Asmaul Husna:

    • Integrates supplications related to the Beautiful Names of Allah (Asmaul Husna).
  5. Spiritual Heritage:

    • Preserves the heritage of prayers from the early Islamic community, including the Prophet, companions, and Saints.
  6. Versatility:

    • Provides prayers suitable for different occasions, circumstances, and personal needs.
  7. Practical Guidance:

    • Offers a guide for believers on how to approach various aspects of life through prayer.
  8. Cultural and Spiritual Significance:

    • Represents a cultural and spiritual treasure for Muslims seeking a deeper connection with their faith.
  9. Language and Accessibility:

    • Presented in a language accessible to a broad audience.
    • Catering to the needs of both experienced practitioners and those new to Islamic supplications.

Overall Impression: Risalah Doa serves as a valuable resource for Muslims seeking a comprehensive collection of supplications rooted in Islamic tradition. It not only provides a diverse array of prayers but also reflects the spiritual depth and cultural richness of Islamic heritage. The inclusion of prayers from dreams and the emphasis on the Asmaul Husna add a unique and personal dimension to this compilation.


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