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Rehal Quran Stand Teak Wood


Introducing the "Rehal Kayu Jati," a beautifully carved Quran stand made from premium Jati Gred A Kayu (Grade A Teak Wood). The Rehal Kayu Jati is an X-shaped foldable book rest traditionally used in Islam to hold holy books during recitation, with a primary focus on the Quran.

In Islam, this type of book rest is referred to as "Rehal" or "Quran stand," and it is commonly made of wood. The Rehal is a symbol of reverence and respect for sacred texts like the Quran during recitation and study.

The Rehal Kayu Jati holds a special significance as it is crafted from high-quality teak wood, known for its durability and beauty. The intricately carved design adds to its aesthetic appeal, making it a piece of art that complements the spiritual atmosphere during Quranic recitation.

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