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Quran Trace by Fayrouz Media


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The International Edition, Medina Uthmani Script Mushaf is a hardback Quran book that follows the official Medina naskh script. Here are some details about this edition:

Script: The Quran in this edition is written in the Medina Uthmani Script, which is an officially recognized script used for writing the Quran. It follows the traditional Uthmani script style.

Authenticity: This edition is claimed to be the world's first authenticated Uthmani handwritten Quran. It incorporates a traceable method, ensuring accuracy and adherence to the original script.

Pages and Binding: The Mushaf consists of 620 pages and is presented in a hardback format. The hardback binding provides durability and protection for the book.

The Mushaf is available in two different editions:Black & White

Writing Etiquettes: The book includes the ten Quranic writing etiquettes, as recorded by Imam Al-Qurtubi. These etiquettes provide guidance on the proper manner of writing the Quran.

Gift Potential: It is mentioned that if given as a gift, it is hoped that both the giver and the recipient will benefit in the Hereafter. This suggests that this edition of the Quran is considered a meaningful and impactful gift for spiritual growth and devotion.

Seven benefits of writing the Quran:

  1. Increased Engagement: Writing the Quran allows for a deeper engagement with its verses, promoting a greater connection to Allah's words. This practice encourages reading, writing, and contemplation, with the understanding that each letter has its own reward.

  2. Improved Arabic Writing Skills: Writing the Quran helps in developing precise Arabic writing skills. Through consistent practice, one can enhance their ability to write Arabic script with accuracy and clarity.

  3. Enhanced Quranic Vocabulary: Writing the Quran exposes individuals to a wider range of Quranic vocabulary. This process aids in expanding one's understanding of the Quran and enriches their knowledge of its language.

  4. Memorization Reinforcement: Writing and reciting the Quran reinforces memorization and strengthens Quranic memory. This approach is commonly followed in Quranic seminaries across regions like North Africa, where students write and recite as part of their learning process.

  5. Achievement of Completing the Quran: By actively writing the Quran, one can accomplish the goal of writing the entire Quran. This achievement brings a sense of fulfillment and spiritual satisfaction

  6. Mindfulness and Stress Relief: Engaging in the practice of sacred calligraphy, specifically writing the Quran, can bring about mindfulness and act as a therapeutic method. This process aids in relieving stress and promoting a state of inner calmness.

  7. Witness on the Day of Judgment: Writing the Quran leaves a physical trace of one's devotion. On the Day of Judgment, it is believed that hands, along with tongues and feet, will bear witness to the righteous actions one performed. Writing the Quran can be a beautiful and meaningful activity that becomes a testimony of one's dedication.

    Note: It is recommended to use pens or pencils with nibs of 0.5mm or less for better precision while writing the Quran.

Consider pairing with an Al-Quran or a gorgeous Tasbih from our collection, for yourself or as a thoughtful and memorable Gift for any Occasion.

Al-Hiqma offers a Tagging Service to enhance your understanding of the Quran for an additional charge. Add this service when you purchase a Quran from us and receive your fully tagged Quran within 7 working days, with the option to choose from English (549 tags) or Malay tags (533 tags).

Our experienced team meticulously tags each Quran with colour-coded tags that highlight essential issues, Allah's teachings, promises, and the beauty of the Deen.

Better yet, skip the wait and tag your pre-owned Qurans on your own with Al-Hiqma's Tagging Kits. Reconnect with the Quran, highlighting and marking ayahs to obtain a better grasp of what you're reading. These Tagging Kits are also available in English or Malay. Get your very own Tagging Kits and start your journey towards knowing Allah again. No purchase of Quran from us is required to get your Tagging Kits.

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