Meezab Black Premium Prayer Mat

Size: 110cm*70cm

Exclusive Medina Sejadah now in Singapore. 

Sejadah or Islamic prayer rugs are carpets that provide a protective layer between the worshiper and the ground, protecting the clothing from anything on the ground that is polluting.

Our Sejadah's are made in Medina Saudi Arabia

We have a variety of colours and designs to choose from.

What is Al Meezab?

Meezab Al Rahma (Gold Rain water spout )

The gold rainwater spout is located on top of the Iraqi and Shaam corner is known as Meeezab or Mizab Al Rahmah. Also known as Mizab e Rahmah meaning water outlet of mercy.

Our Sejadah collections are suitable for wedding gifts, birthdays, housewarming or any other special occasion. They are pretty handy to be carried around for travelling or simply to be used everyday at home.



Material: Yarn Polypropylene

Feature Carpet Rug 

Place of Origin Medina Saudi Arabia