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Eid-Gift A


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  1. Bukhoor Bamboo Small:

    • Bukhoor refers to scented chips or bricks, often used in incense burners to release a pleasant fragrance.
    • The use of bamboo suggests a natural and eco-friendly aspect to the product.
    • The small size could make it convenient for various uses or placement in smaller spaces.
  2. Ajwa 225g from Tamar Madinah in Boubonniere:

    • Ajwa dates are highly revered in Islam and are particularly associated with Medina.
    • The 225g quantity suggests a substantial amount of Ajwa dates, making it a generous and thoughtful gift.
    • The mention of "Boubon" may be a variant or specific type of Ajwa dates, adding a unique touch.
  3. Al Quba Wood Sticks Oud Al Mas:

    • Al Quba likely refers to a type of wood, and "Oud Al Mas" suggests a specific fragrance or type of oud.
    • Wood sticks are commonly used to burn or release the fragrance of oud, a traditional and rich perfume derived from agarwood.
    • This item adds a luxurious and aromatic element to the gift set, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

In summary, this gift set seems to bring together traditional and aromatic elements associated with Eid celebrations. The inclusion of Bukhoor, Ajwa dates, and Al Quba Wood Sticks with Oud Al Mas reflects a blend of spiritual and sensory experiences, making it a thoughtful and culturally significant gift for the occasion.


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