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The Ayatul Qursi Jewellery


Colour : Silver,Gold,Bronze

What is included :

-Stainless Steel Jewellery
Chain & Locket
-Velvet Jewellery Box

Estimated Weight (g) : 100 g

The Ayatul Kursi Jewellery for women by Alhiqma is a distinctive and meaningful piece of jewelry. Here's a detailed description:Bangle Cuff,Rectangle Necklace & Ring

Adjustable Size: Bangle cuff & Ring is designed to be fully adjustable, ensuring a one-size-fits-all feature. The flexibility allows it to be stretched out or squeezed in without leaving any creases or bends, ensuring a comfortable fit for any wrist size n finger size.

Ayatul Qursi Rectangle Necklace exquisitely engraved, showcasing the utmost elegance.

Engraved Ayatul Kursi: Ayatul Kursi, considered the most powerful verse in the Qur'an, is prominently engraved on the cuff. The engraving is not only on the front but continues onto the back, creating a beautifully intricate aesthetic. This detailed design showcases the significance of the verse and adds a layer of sophistication to the jewelry.

Symbolism and Protection: Ayatul Kursi is renowned for providing protection and safety. The engraving of this powerful verse on the cuff is a symbolic representation of carrying the divine words with you. According to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), reciting Ayatul Kursi in the morning is believed to bring the protection and safety of Allah until the night. The cuff, therefore, serves as a tangible reminder of spiritual protection.

Sentimental Value: Given the significance of Ayatul Kursi, this cuff holds sentimental value for the wearer. It serves as a constant reminder to keep the verse close to the heart and mind, fostering a connection with the divine.

Versatile Aesthetic: The design's intricacy and the meaningful engraving make these jewelery suitable for various occasions. It can be worn as a daily accessory or as a statement piece for special events, combining both style and spirituality.

Overall Message: Alhiqma Ayatul Kursi Jewellery is not just a piece of jewelry; it carries a profound message of faith, protection, and connection with the divine. It serves as a physical and tangible representation of spiritual values, making it a cherished addition to any collection.

Import 316L Stainless Steel

In summary, these jewellery beautifully combines intricate design, adjustability, and the powerful spiritual significance of Ayatul Kursi, making it a meaningful and stylish accessory for women.

Comes In A Velvet Box

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