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Bukhoor Accessories

  1. Bukhoor Burner or Mabkhara:

    • A decorative incense burner specifically designed for heating and releasing the fragrance of bukhoor.
    • Available in various designs, materials, and sizes.
  2. Charcoal Discs:

    • These are used to burn the bukhoor.
    • Typically made of compressed charcoal and can be ignited to create a smoldering surface for the bukhoor.
  3. Tweezers or Tongs:

    • Used for handling the hot charcoal discs safely.
    • Helps in placing the charcoal in the bukhoor burner without direct contact.
  4. Bukhoor Holder or Dabqa:

    • A container or holder for the bukhoor.
    • Comes in various designs, often with decorative elements.
  5. Torch Lighter:

    • A refillable lighter with a flame suitable for quickly lighting charcoal or bukhoor.
  6. Storage Containers:

    • Airtight containers to preserve the freshness and fragrance of bukhoor.
  7. Bukhoor Tongs:

    • Small tongs designed specifically for handling pieces of bukhoor.
  8. Bukhoor Tissues or Burner Liners:

    • Optional disposable tissues or liners placed in the bukhoor burner for easy cleanup.

These accessories enhance the experience of using bukhoor, providing convenience, safety, and often adding aesthetic appeal to the process. It's common for people to choose accessories that match their personal preferences and the overall ambiance they wish to create.


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