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The Simplified Encyclopedia On Introducing The Prophet Of Mercy



This book describes Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) purpose to lead and aid humanity in living a life that corresponds with Islamic law. The Qur'an and Prophet's tradition help everyone manage worldly benefits.
Whoever follows both will be safe in this world and the next. The Qur'an mentions "Muhammad" four times and "Ahmad" once. If all prophets, animals, and plants love Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and don't want to be split from him, how do we feel as his ummah? Do we follow the Prophet's sunnah?
Have you heard any Prophet names besides Muhammad? These names describe the Prophet (SAW). This book describes his manners and behavior, which make him Allah SWT's best Prophet and Messenger.

The very special features of this book include:

  • A complete elaboration of the Prophet’s (SAW) characteristics from the day he was born, and, why he becomes the best inspiration to all humans?
  • Delving into the knowledge in the Qur'an and the hadith regarding Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and how his impending arrival was widely known amongst the prophets before his time.
  • Exploring how Prophet Muhammad (SAW) reacted to any problems or situations, to be just and fair to all those affected.
  • Why everyone who wants to be regarded as “the People of the Qur’an” must follow the method highlighted by the Prophet (SAW) because the Prophet’s manners reflect the teachings in the Qur’an.

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