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The Clear Quran Dictionary


The Clear Quran Dictionary

by Furqan Institute

Dr Mustafa Khattab

Hardback, 520 pages


Introducing the world’s first picture dictionary of the Quran, ‎with the goal of empowering the majority of Muslims (who are not Arabs) to read ‎the Quran in its original, rich Arabic form in just 4-6 months. Five years in the works, this dictionary highlights the ‎connection between all words that share the same root.



- First modern dictionary of the Quran

- Highlights the connection between all derivatives of the same root. So you will learn, for example,  what the derivatives of j-n-n have in common (namely, Jannah 'paradise', Jinn, ajinnah 'foetuses', and Majnun 'insane')

- Covers the Quran's 947 verbs, 1045 nouns, and 100 particles arranged by frequency and theme.

- 9-page list of all entries in 242 coupled rhymes, making it easy for students to test their mastery of Quranic words. 

- Helps readers master the Quran in about 4-6 months.

- Dictionary based on The Clear Quran translation, which is approved by Al-Azhar and endorsed by the Canadian Council of Imams as well as other scholars. 





- The Language of the Quran

- Stylistic Features of this Book


Part One: Verbs with Derivatives and Quasi-Verbs

- Verbs with Derivatives

- Quasi-Verbs


Part Two: Nouns, Adjectives and Adverbs

- The Unseen

- Names

- Religion

- Family and Health

- Attributes

- The World

- Nature

- General

- Numbers and Parts

- Time and Place


Part Three: Particles and Other Parts of Speech

- Letters with Meaning

- Miscellaneous Particles

- Prepositions

- Questions Words

- Response

- Negation

- Urging and Wishing

- Demonstratives

- Pronouns

- Relative Pronouns


Coupled Rhymes

Quranic Examples



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