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Tafsir Al-Quran Surah Al-Kahfi


"Tafsir Al-Quran - Surah Al-Kahfi" by Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat is a comprehensive commentary on Surah Al-Kahfi (Chapter of the Cave) from the Quran. This tafsir (exegesis) focuses on providing insights and explanations of the verses found in Surah Al-Kahfi, unraveling its wisdom and teachings.

The book delves into four main stories mentioned in Surah Al-Kahfi, which are:

  1. The Story of the Young Man Hiding in a Cave: This narrative explores the account of a group of young believers who sought refuge in a cave to escape persecution, and the miraculous preservation of their faith.

  2. The Story of the Owner of Two Gardens and His Friend: This story narrates the parable of a wealthy man and his friend, highlighting the fleeting nature of worldly possessions and the importance of gratitude and reliance on Allah.

  3. The Story of Prophet Musa (Moses) and Khidr: This narrative delves into the encounter between Prophet Musa and the enigmatic figure known as Khidr, where valuable lessons about knowledge, wisdom, and submission to the divine decree are learned.

  4. The Story of Zulqarnain: This story revolves around a righteous and just ruler named Zulqarnain, who traveled extensively, establishing justice and spreading goodness in his dominions.

The book is presented in a hardcover format, comprising 399 pages. It offers a detailed analysis of the verses in Surah Al-Kahfi, providing commentary and explanations based on the author's scholarly understanding and interpretation.

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