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Free Quran Journal By AlHiqma


Al-Hiqma -Quran Journaling For Personal Use Only-Free Printable

The Quran is the wellspring of our faith and direction as Muslims, but many of us struggle to connect with Allah's teachings daily. Quran journaling helps you engage with the Quran on your terms and explore how verses apply to you and your life. This journal will help you connect with the Quran. This journal's monthly themes and daily verses can help you build a relationship without feeling overwhelmed. Intentionally use this book's 365 daily passages to begin a lifelong journey to connect with Allah's words more deeply. They'll be your reminders when you stray. They'll be your basis in a chaotic world. Bismillah.

• Topic and Verse Number: At the top of each page, you'll discover the monthly theme and the Quran verse number.

• Arabic: No matter your level, duplicate the verse.
Write down the translation you understand best.

• Tafsir: Explain each verse's background, context, and meaning. Tafsir Ibn Kathir is the best-known authentic tafsir. It's available online and at Islamic bookshops. Tafsir Ibn Kathir is available free online.

• Application: Apply the daily verse. What does this sentence mean to you? What does it mean in context? What texts, hadiths, or quotes come to mind? Feelings? How to act? These questions are a starting point; write what you want.

• Dua: Write a short dua to apply what you've learned.
Ameen. May Allah bless your efforts to study the Quran.