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Book-The Salah The Prophet's Prayer Described

Salah-The Book
Description of the Prophet's Prayer
Without having a thorough understanding of the Salah (Prayer) as it was demonstrated by Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, with its basics, manners, forms, supplications, and remembrances, we are unable to conduct it as it should be practiced.
However, due to the majority of individuals nowadays restricting themselves to a specific madhhab, it is impossible for them to develop extensive acquaintance with these components of the Prayer (school of thought).
Every mudhhab has customs and sunnahs (Prophetic examples) that are distinct from other madhhabs, as well as sayings and deeds that cannot be proven to have originated with the Prophet.
Numerous publications about the Prophet's prayer have been produced, although the majority were written by subsequent academics who focused on a particular muddhab.
In order for Muslims to fulfill the Prophet's directive to "pray as you see me pray," this well-known work, which was translated from the original Arabic Sifah Salah al-Nabi, gathers together as many aspects of the Prophet's prayer from the takbir to the taslim.
This work is the outcome of the author's thorough investigation of diverse traditions (Hadiths) and their applicability, judged in accordance with the rigid guidelines of the science of Hadith.



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