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Gift Sets For Muslim Converts And Reverts


For Newly Converts - For This Ramadan,Purchase This Gift Sets & We Give You Some Gifts Too..

Especially selected for our sisters and brothers are gift suggestions for Muslim converts and reverts.

Masha Allah, Ukht & Akhi

You're New To Islam! We would like to welcome you with the Greeting Of Islam:

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh-

Assalamu Alaikum means “peace be upon you”. Warahmatullahi means “Blessings of Allah upon you” and Wabarakatuh means “Barakah (Barkat) in every aspect of life”.

Welcome To Islam. May Allah Shower You With His Peace & Blessings

Supporting New Muslims Goes Beyond "Masha Allah"

Its not enough to congratulate a Convert, a reminder that there are others around us who may need help after embracing Islam.Important decisions are never easy. Life-changing decisions such as embracing Islam must be the most difficult.

We need to go the extra mile and reach out to them, just as someone reached out to us – or as we wished they had.

Contains the:

Gift Sets A - Al-Quran Chinese Translation, Rawdhah Green Prayer Mat Adult Size 6mm, Quran Stand Subhanallah

Gift Sets B - Al-Quran Chinese Translation, Rawdhah Green Prayer Mat Adult Size 6mm, Quran Stand, The Clear Quran Dictionary and Let's Solat Book In Mandarin

A Free Gift Specially From Us-Honey & Ajwa,Surah Yasin With English Translation & Arabic Transliteration,(7 )Ajwas Individually packed.

Gift Box & Ribbon

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