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Prayer Mat Collections

Al-Hiqma offers a diverse collection of prayer mats, each uniquely designed to enhance the spiritual experience of prayer. These mats are not just functional; they are a blend of comfort, spirituality, and artistry. Here are the key features that make these prayer mats special:

  • Diverse Origins: Many of the prayer mats are crafted in Madina, Saudi Arabia, reflecting authentic Islamic heritage.
  • Variety in Design: The collection includes the Mecca Premium Prayer Mat, the lightweight and portable Home & Travel Prayer Mat, the elegant Premium Rawda Prayer Mat in various colors, and the luxurious Silk Handlooms Prayer Mat Kashmir, among others.
  • Comfort and Size: These prayer mats are designed with comfort in mind, featuring optimal thickness and dimensions for a comfortable prayer experience.
  • Spiritual Connection: The designs often reflect Islamic art and heritage, such as the Al-Kaabah Premium Black Prayer Mat and the Al-Aqsa Prayer Mat inspired by the Kaaba.
  • Gift-Ready: Many mats come elegantly boxed, making them ideal gifts for various occasions.
  • Special Features: Some mats, like the Ottoman Series Memory Foam Prayer Mat, offer additional comfort with memory foam padding.