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Versus From The Quran-Salah:26

The Parents’ Responsibility

The Quran places great importance on the role of parents in nurturing faith and guiding their children towards righteousness. Surah Taha (20:132) specifically highlights the responsibility of parents to encourage their families to observe Salah (prayers) and persevere in their spiritual journey.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Parental Guidance: Surah Taha (20:132) underscores the duty of parents to actively instill the practice of Salah within their families.

  2. Importance of Perseverance: The verse emphasizes the need for steadfastness and patience in fostering faith and righteous practices.

  3. Divine Promise: The Quran assures that ultimate success lies with those who remain righteous, offering hope and reassurance.


The verse Surah Taha (20:132) emphasizes the responsibility of parents to enjoin their families to observe the Prayers (Salah) and to steadfastly persevere in doing so. It underscores the importance of instilling the practice of Salah within the family unit and highlights the role of parents as guides and nurturers in matters of faith and worship. The verse also reassures that the ultimate triumph belongs to the righteous, emphasizing the spiritual and moral benefits of adhering to the commandments of God, including the observance of Salah.

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The Verse

  • Parental Role in Faith: Explain the profound significance of parents guiding their children towards establishing and maintaining regular Salah.

  • Nurturing Spiritual Habits: Discuss how parents can create a supportive environment for Salah, making it a central part of family life.


The Benefits of Salah for the Family

  • Strengthening Bonds: Describe how Salah can foster unity and closeness within the family unit.

  • Discipline and Values: Highlight how Salah cultivates self-discipline, mindfulness, and a strong moral compass.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can parents introduce Salah to young children? 

A: Start with simple explanations, short prayers, and make it a positive and enjoyable experience.

Q: What if my child resists praying? 

A: Focus on patience, encouragement, and leading by example. Avoid harshness or coercion.

Q: Are there resources to help parents teach Salah to their children? 

A: Yes, many books, websites, and even apps can be helpful guides to teaching Salah to children in age-appropriate ways.

Q: Besides Salah, what other spiritual practices should parents encourage in their families? 

A: Reading the Quran, making dua (supplication), being kind to others, and giving charity are all important aspects of Islamic practice.

Q: How can praying together as a family strengthen our bond? 

A: Shared prayer creates a special connection, promotes unity, and serves as a reminder of your family's shared values.