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Dua's Meaning Is Unknown, Dua is a Prayer Asked Of Allah

The meaning of Dua has yet to be fully explained.

Dua is a form of prayer that is used to invoke, supplicate, request, or even beg Allah for some form of help or assistance.

As humans, we are all fallible and have made blunders. This is a statement that has been repeated a gazillion times. When someone says something like this, we usually ignore them. Not that what you say is unimportant or false; it just feels repetitive. All of us are aware that we have room for improvement.

How people can rectify these errors is something we don't talk about nearly enough (perhaps because doing so involves disciplined activity). Thankfully, Allah has provided us Muslims with a plethora of potent duas for forgiveness in both the Quran and the Hadith. Invoking Istighfar entails

To return to God is never too late. Don't put off asking forgiveness in the hopes that you'll be able to do so tomorrow. Exactly what will happen in the future is anyone's guess. It's crucial that we practice repentance right now and as often as we can. One of the major tenets of Muslim devotion is the regular practice of asking Allah to pardon our sins. At the end of our lives, we don't want to wish we had done more.

You don't have to be absolutely sure you did something wrong in order to ask for forgiveness. Even if you have no idea how many times you've messed up, you can still ask for forgiveness. Jannah is assured for the guy who followed the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), who prayed to Allah for forgiveness seventy to one hundred times a day. Sahih Bukhari, 8:75, #39

So, if I'm not repenting nearly as much as the Prophet (SAW) himself, what are my odds of entering Jannah?

Please don't underestimate the significance of seeking Allah's pardon. The following are 7 potent Duas that can be used as part of a regular practice of seeking daily repentance.


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