"Ummi Hadiya Set"


'Ummi' Hadiya Set


We all can't deny how important our mothers are in our lives. Mothers have always given and given so selflessly without asking for much in return. Thus, this Mothers Day, let's all celebrate the love for our mother with "Ummi Hadiya Set" . "Ummi Hadiya Set" is specially designed to make our mothers feel special.

Handmade Item Exclusively From Turkey:

Sejadah Cotton Taffeta Prayer Rug 69cm*120cm

Satin Cover,Comes With Crystal Floral Zehra Tasbih 

Inai Republic Henna Size 10ML(01)Maroon,Red,Pink or Brown)

The items in "Ummi Hadiya Set"are gifted in Choices of Rose Gold/White/Black magnetic box. The choice of color reflects the premium importance and value we place on our mothers. Who could embody strength and subtlety more than our mothers right?

Please Indicate the choices of Boxes and Colour of Henna