Ramadan Special ماشاءالله Hadiya Mini


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Masha Allah Hadiya Mini


The Masha Allah Hadiya Mini is a thoughtful gift as it comes with a set of premium items that will come in handy during Ramadan. Each of the item is specially thought through and selected to fulfil a set of sunnah act in itself.

The Masha Allah Hadiya Mini consist of

  • Ajwa dates – known as superfoods, these dates are of premium quality 

  • Kiswah Kaabah prayer mat Kids Size providing comfort while praying

  • Miswak – the Prophet encourages using this twig to maintain oral hygiene

  • An A5 Ceramic Plates with selected inspiring Islamic quotes 

These items are beautifully packaged in a black magnetic box. The choice of colour reflects the timelessness, prestige and elegance of this gift set.

 *Please note the accessories outside the box are for decorative purposes only and it is NOT included gift set!