Ramadan Special - ماشاءالله Deluxe


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Masha Allah Hadiya Deluxe

The Masha Allah Hadiya Deluxe is a thoughtful gift as it comes with a set of premium items that will come in handy during Ramadan. Each of the item is specially thought through and selected to fulfil a set of sunnah act in itself.

The Masha Allah Hadiya Deluxe set consists of

  • Ajwa datesknown as superfoods, these dates are of premium quality

  • Kiswah Kaabah prayer mat from Turkey providing comfort during prayer

  • Tasbih Masha Allah Edition classic and timeless matte black jet beaded tasbih with an in-house designed calligraphy

  • Miswak – the Prophet encourages using this twig to maintain oral hygiene

  • Majmu Syarif – A compact handy book with most of the major islamic Suras and Doas that can conveniently be taken around

All the above items apart are in black from the miswak that is in its natural colour.  These items are packed beautifully in a black magnetic box. The choice of colour reflects the timelessness, prestige and elegance of this gift set.