Premium Ajwa Dates -Refillable(500g)


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Prophet Muhammad said a Faithful Muslim Resembled a Date Palm..The Quran mentions dates 23 times .It is a symbol of wealth and abundance and has a special place in Islamic History and cultures.Muslims consider Date Palms and their fruit are sacred.In Arabic the word date palm is "nahle"and its fruit is called "tamr."In Turkish the word for date is "hurma"because it means "respect"in Arabic.Dates are not just a fruit,there are many meals and desserts made with dates in Arabic Cuisine as well as many others.The importance of dates is not peculiar to the Holy Month of Ramadan.Distributing dates During Maulid recitations has always been a tradition.The most precious gifts brought by pilgrims from Mecca are "zam-zam"water and dates.

A month away from Ramadan,Get An Ajwa Dates.Each set holds a capacity of approx 500g.Each set contains Premium Quality Ajwa freshly harvested from Medina.

Premium Ajwa Dates Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarrah

100% Premium Quality Dates

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500g of Premium Ajwa Dates Comes With A Beautifully  Engraved Cover  Bismillah.