Nikkah Mubarak Gift Set


Our Exclusive Nikkah Mubarak Gift Set.

Wedding Gifts You Would Need For A Muslim.Islamic Wedding Or Nikkah Walima Function.

Your Nikkah Functions in these trying pandemic times can still be a thoughtful and beautiful affair. Complement this joyous experience with this exquisite gift set.

Set includes

Faux Leather Embossed Rainbow Quran-Soft Touch & Our LImited Edition White Matt Hidashar  Tasbih or Tasbih Bracelet Jett Black From Turkey.

Al-Rawda Patterns Sejadah (Adult 4mm)

Colour Red Or Green

Please indicate at Notes the choices of Sejadah Colours n Choices of Tasbih


by Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali and Dr Muhammad Muhsin Khan

These Faux Leather Embossed English Translation Rainbow Qurans are beautiful to gift to loved ones!

  • Arabic - Uthmani script 
  • Dimensions: 20cm by 14cm (5.5"*8")
  • Uthmani Script Print-Hafs Edition 15Lines per page.

Please Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only and colours may differ slightly due to lighting

Matching White Tasbih-Limited Edition Misbaha Designed By Al-Hiqma matte finishing and has a classic timeless feel to it.In the intersection of every 99 Beads lies an intricately engraved golden stone as a distinct marking point.The Calligraphy carving of "Masha Allah" with a symmetric interweaving design attached to the end of the Tasbih integrates the symbolism of Islamic Art and Symmetry into our meditative practice and experience.

White Matt Beads Round 8mm or Tasbih Bracelet Black 6mm

All items are thoughtfully selected and presented in a Black Gift Box With Ribbons and a Gift Bag.