Kitabs Of Doas & Surahs


Kitabs Of Doas & Surahs

Combination of Three Books-Duas From The Holy Quran/Surah Yasin/Surahs From The Holy Quran

Free Islamic Bookmark Limited Edition (01)

Dua Book-Beautifully Designed Kaabah Style Hardback Containing 66 Pages of Duas from the Holy Quran/written in Indo-Pak Script Arabic and with English Translation.

Surah Yasin-Beautifully Designed With The Door Of Grand Masjid Nabawi-5Virtues of Surah Yasin/Indo-Pak Script Arabic with English Translation

Surahs From The Holy Quran-Beautifully Designed with The Dome Of The Rock

Indo Pak Script-By Abdullah Yusuf Ali

What is the Indo Pak Quran script called?

Indo-Pak (or also called the Persian) script. 

Naskh is one of the first scripts of Islamic calligraphy to develop, commonly used in writing administrative documents and for transcribing books, including the Qur'an, because of its easy legibility.