ILMعلم‎ Teacher Gift Set


ILMعلم‎ Teacher Gift Set

Especially Created for Our Teachers

Teaching is one of the most respectful and valuable professions in the world. In religion Islam, this profession has more importance as our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) introduced himself as a teacher. Allah Almighty says in Holy Quran:  “Like (a favor which you have already received) in that We have sent among you a Messenger of your own, rehearsing to you Our verses, and purifying you, and instructing you in scripture and wisdom, and in new knowledge” (Quran, 2:  151).  According to this verse of Holy Quran Holy Prophet (SAW) were sent to teach about the Holy Book Quran, the wisdom and unknown things to the people of this world.

As we all know that the person who teaches is a teacher, a man of obedience and respect. Teachers are some of the most influential people in society and have great importance in modern society. Teachers bear the responsibility of molding students’ personalities and educating them. Teachers are considered the most honored person in every religion. Due to the important role of teachers, Islam has granted high status and rights to teachers. Islam has paid great attention to teachers for their being the first brick in the structure of social development and perfection and the cause of guiding and developing behaviors and mentalities of individuals and communities. We can understand the highest rank of teachers from the Quote of Hazrat Ali (RA) in which He (RA) stated that: “If a person teaches me one single word, he has made me his servant for a lifetime. “

Appreciate Them With A Gift To The One Who Gives Lessons Beyond The Books-A Little 'Thank You'Can Go A Long Way.

Handmade Item Exclusively From Turkey

Sejadah Cotton Taffeta Prayer Rug 69CM*120CM

Satin Cover

Crystal Tasbih or Pearl Tasbih Subject to Availability of Stocks.Please indicate at Notes your preference.