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Gift Sets Quran Trace & Prayer Mat


The Giftsets Quran Trace by Faurouz Media includes the following items:

1.Quran Trace-30Juz Size B5-Writing Etiquettes: The book includes the ten Quranic writing etiquettes, as recorded by Imam Al-Qurtubi. These etiquettes provide guidance on the proper manner of writing the Quran.

2.Al Quran Rainbow Series Size B5: This Quran is available in a choice of white or black, and it features a unique QR code. The QR code might provide additional information, such as audio recitations, translations, or other supplementary resources related to the Quranic verses.

3.Prayer Mat Travel 65cmx35cm Kiswah: The prayer mat is designed for travel purposes and measures 65cm x 35cm. It features the Kiswah design inspired by the covering of the Kaabah in Medina. The mat is likely made from durable and comfortable material, offering a suitable surface for prayers while on the go.

These items combined in the gift set create a thoughtful and meaningful present for individuals looking to deepen their spiritual practices or to gift someone who values their Islamic faith. The Quran Trace & Al Quran With QR code can provide enhanced access to understanding and reciting the Quran, and the travel prayer mat enables easy and convenient prayers during travel or while away from home.

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