Al-Quran Arabic With Roman Transliteration & English Translation

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Al-Quran Arabic With Roman Transliteration&English Translation

Enjoy the beauty of the Quran in it’s true Arabic script along with Roman Transliteration&English Translation

It is one thing to be able to read the Quran, but another to be able to understand it. Establish a stronger connection with the Quran with the ability to read it in Arabic text and understand the English translation at the same time.

A treasured gift for reverts, loved ones and non Arabic speaking Muslims of all ages.

English Coloured Quran
Size: 14cm x 20cm  A5

. Size 17cm*24cm B5

• Rainbow coloured pages

• Beautiful vegan leather embossed cover

.Comes In Nine Colours 

 Al-Quran Arabic with Roman transliteration and English translation

• Translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

.We have Ready Stock Of Tagged of The Holy Quran.The Al-Quran is segregated with 383 Little Colour-coded Tags for important topic matters.Allah's words and promises and the Beauty of The Deen.

An Ottoman Cloth Bookmark Exclusively From Turkey As A Gift