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Rehal Kayu Jati


Rehal Kayu Jati -Islamic Book Rest

Rehal ( Arabic: رِحال) is an X-shaped foldable book rest used for placing holy books during Recitation. This book rest, which is usually made of wood, is common in  Islam.

The book rest, often called "Quran stand" by Muslims, is also spelled as Rihal.

Used historically for many generations in South Asian and Arab countries, it is used for paying respect to the holy books such as  Quran while reading.

Nowadays, Rehal also come in many shapes and sizes. They have become more beautiful and comfortable to use. Some of the Rehal also have decorations such as the dome icon Islamic symbol.

A foldable Rehal Kayu Jati Quran stand also commonly known as a Rehal that is carved to perfection. 

Kayu Jati Gred A 

Weight 1KG

  • Size 17cmx39.5cm-