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My Qalam Smart Pen Al-Quran Tajwid Set


My Qalam Smart Pen Al-Quran Tajwid Set

An amazing technology that makes Quran reciting, learning and understanding very easy. Simply by touching the pen on any verse, Surah or page of the Quran and also the books provided, the pen will start to read out loud and clear.

Now with Waqaf & Ibtida 'Guide, Tajwid Law, Thematic Index With Audio Description.

Set Comes with A4 Quran, Iqra 1-6 Book, Prayer Guide Book (Panduan Sembahyang), Daily Supplication Book (Doa-Doa Harian) and also accessories like charger, USB cable and ear piece for the Smart Pen.

Product Features:

  • Point & Read at any Ayah/Surah
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery with charger
  • Artistic Quality Al-Quran A4 Size
  • Iqra’ 1 – 6 Full Set Books ( Audio & Visual )
  • Daily Prayer Book ( Audio & Visual )
  • Prayer Guide Book ( Audio & Visual )
  • Surah Index Flashcard ( Audio & Visual )

Product Specifications:

  • PC Connection by the USB provided
  • User-friendly design with high quality audio
  • 1 Year Warranty