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Mabkhara Bakhoor Holder


A Mabkhara (Arabic: مبخر or مبخرة) is a censer found across the Arab World and Turkey. The Mabkhara was traditionally made from clay or soft stone.

Introducing Our Mabkhara Assorted  Incense Burner Bukhoor Holder  

Aromatherapy  Decoration Crafts Middle Eastern Arab Elements 


1. A traditional, oriental incense burner with embellishments in gold.

2. In the middle is a small bowl, in which the Bakhoor is burned on Charcoal.

3. One can transport the Mabkhara incense holder very well during the incense burning, since it it doesn't get heated.

4. It also can be a great decorative art piece ornament meditation purpose to purify your thoughts, make you focus.

5. Perfect for Living room, bedroom, study, office, yoga room, hotel, living room and etc. 

How to use:

1. Cover the plate with aluminium foil (if available).

2. Put a charcoal on the metal plate.

3. Light the charcoal with jet lighter. If jet lighter is not available, light the charcoal on kitchen stove and put back on the metal plate.

3. Put a piece of bukhoor on the burnt charcoal to release the fragrant.

5. Close the mabkhara cover for more safety.

Tips : You may cover the top of the mabkhara with aluminium foil to make the mabkhara last longer and for easy cleaning.

Beautiful middle eastern style ceramic burner, with antique inspired copper cover.

Can be used for oud bakhoor or incense.


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