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Kitabs Of Doas & Surahs



Combination of the Holy Quran's Duas, Surah Yasin, and other Quranic passages from three different books

Limitation Free Islamic Bookmark (01)

Beautifully Designed Kaabah Style Hardback Dua Book
Written in Indo-Pak Script Arabic and with an English translation, this book contains 66 pages of duas from the holy quran.

Surah Yasin: 5 Virtues of Surah Yasin/Indo-Pak Script Arabic with English Translation, Beautifully Designed With The Door of the Grand Masjid Nabawi
Beautifully Designed Surahs from the Holy Qur'an Featuring the Dome of the Rock
Written in by Abdullah Yusuf Ali
What is the name of the Indo-Pak Quranic script?
The Persian (also known as Indo-Pak) script.
Given its ease of readability, Naskh, one of the earliest Islamic calligraphic scripts to emerge, is frequently used to write official documents and to transcribe texts, including the Qur'an.

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