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Gift Sets-"Ummi & Abah"


What Gift can you possibly give to the people who've already given you so much? They clothed you,fed you, love you from day one, so it's pretty hard to find a gift that measures up to all that. Give them something from the heart that shows how much you appreciate them for everything. And even though your "what gifts do you want?" question is always met with a "I just want for everyone to be together,"

This Ummi & Abah Hadiya Sets is specially designed to make our parents feel special..

Set A-Premium Rawda Sejadah 8mm,Al-Quran Velvet Casing Size A5 ( Arabic Medina Script,Quran Mark Bookmark, Wasl Tasbih Vibrate.

Set B-Royal Ottoman Series Memory Foam Sejadah,(Thickness 2.6cm) Al-Quran Amazing Size A4, Wasl Tasbih Vibrate

#Due to Thickness of Sejadah On Set B-It will be in Their own Plastic Holder/Quran and Wasl Tasbih will be in a Gift Box.


We offer Tagging services for our Al-Qurans at an additional cost. Click here to add service. 

The Al Quran will be segregated with 383 little colour coded tags for important topic matters, Allah’s words and promises and the Beauty of the Deen.

Qur'an will be segregated with 383 colour-coded tags for;
- Daily Dua
- Reminders from Allah
- Stories of the Prophet
- Motivational Verses
- Prophetic Duas

- 30 Juz Indicators


AlHiqma also offers a range of Qurans, ready tagged with 383-colour coded tags. Tags are available in English or Malay. Click here to see more.


Please Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Colours may differ due to lighting.