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Gift Sets For Teachers


Created Especially for Our Teachers


Give a gift to the person who teaches lessons outside of the textbooks to show your appreciation; a small "thank you" might go a long way.


Set A-Bakhoor Giftsets-Bakhoor Holder (Choice of Black or White)-Pls Indicate At Notes/Bakhoor (01)


Set B Choose from Orange, Jasmine, Green Apple, or Ocean scented candle jar; indicate at notes.


Set C: Tasbih Rainstone; Peach, Pinky-Purple, or Green; Please Indicate Preferences in Notes
Set D: The Greatest in distinctive or customized bowls may be found in our collection of Turkish Bowls.Small bowl made of Turkish ceramic,that can hold food or small objects.Turkish Ceramic Bowls with Decorative Designs by Erdhem(3.14x8cm)
Bouquet of Flowers


As shown, the items will be contained in the box.