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Al-Quran Songket Malay & Rumi Transliteration



This Alquran is suitable for those starting to learn how to read the Alquran and those who wish to understand its meaning as well.Rumi Perkata Alquran


Transliterasi Per Kata (Rumi)Malay Translation Highlighted Tajwid Guide

Ashabun Nuzul Explaining The Significance of the ayah..

The word Songket is derived from the term "sungkit" which means to hook or knit in Malay & Indonesian. Traditionally, Songket's were  woven by hand using gold and silver threads and was considered to be a symbol of status, luxury and prestige.  It was only worn for special occasions, religious festivals, and traditional social functions.

Make our Songket Al-Quran Collection a part of your special occasions, be it a wedding, anniversary or housewarming or a gift for someone special. 

Our Songket Al-Quran Collection  comes in hardcover, with a beautiful coloured edging.





This Al-Quran is suitable for those starting to learn how to read the Al-Quran and those who wish to understand its meaning as well 

This Al-Quran has Surah translations on the side and is Tajwid colour- coded. Al-Quran Type 2 merupakan Al-Quran dengan Terjemahan

Rumi Perkata Al-Quran
List of Al-Quran Surahs
Translation in Bahasa & Rumi
Interior Arabic n Translation in Bahasa
Consists of Arab - Latin translation guidance Ilmu Tajwid
Consists of Rules and Signs of Waqf (Stopping)
Highlighted Tajwid guide & markers throughout the Al-Quran
Colour-Coded Tajwid
Ashabun Nuzul explaining the significance of ayah

Include something from our Tasbih Beads Collection if you are planning on giving this as a Gift.


Al Hiqma offers Tagging Services for all our Al-Qurans at an additional cost.

The Al-Quran will be organised into 383 little colour-coded tags for important topics, Allah’s words and promises, and the Beauty of the Deen.

Qur'an is organised into 383 colour-coded tags for;
- Daily Dua
- Reminders from Allah
- Stories of the Prophet
- Motivational Verses
- Prophetic Duas

- 30 Juz Indicators


Al Hiqma also offers a range of AL-Quran Quick Stock with 383-colour coded tags. Tags are available in English or Malay.


Disclaimer:  Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting or your monitor settings.