Al-Quran Arabic With English Transliteration & Translation

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Al-Quran Arabic With English Transliteration&Translation

Enjoy the beauty of the Quran in it’s true Arabic script along with the English translation and transliteration.

It is one thing to be able to read the Quran, but another to be able to understand it. Establish a stronger connection with the Quran with the ability to read it in Arabic text and understand the English translation at the same time.

A treasured gift for reverts, loved ones and non Arabic speaking Muslims of all ages.

English Coloured Quran
Size: 14cm x 20cm  A5

. Size 17cm*24cm B5

• Rainbow coloured pages

• Beautiful vegan leather embossed cover

 Al-Quran Arabic with English transliteration and translation

• Translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali