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Al-Quran Al-Karim Arabic Script Perjuzuk With Wakaf & Ibtida


Perjuzuk-Arabic Script

- Comes with a Tajwid handbook in color.
- A stylish layout with numerous color possibilities for each Quranic verse.
- Offering the benefit of a larger font or easier-to-read writing
- Analyzing verses in light of the seven major themes of worship, muamalat, creed, prophetic head, tale of the Prophet & Messenger, Asmaul Husna, or Quranic treatment.
- Derived from reliable sources using the method of interpretation of experts who are familiar with the Prophet SAW's and his companions' (bil ma'sur) histories.
- For simpler reading, each book is divided into sections and dedicated to each Constituent.
- Includes a box in a variety of colors.
Size B5


Include something from our Al-Quran Collection if you are planning on giving this as a Gift. 


Al Hiqma offers Tagging Services for all our Al-Qurans at an additional cost.

The Al-Quran will be organised into 383 little colour-coded tags for important topics, Allah’s words and promises, and the Beauty of the Deen.

Qur'an is organised into 383 colour-coded tags for;
- Daily Dua
- Reminders from Allah
- Stories of the Prophet
- Motivational Verses
- Prophetic Duas

- 30 Juz Indicators


Al Hiqma also offers a range of AL-Quran Quick Stock with 383-colour coded tags. Tags are available in English or Malay.


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