'A Gift To Myself'


Giving yourself a gift can feel difficult..It's nice to treat yourself every once a while so consider gifting yourself one thing-just a single Good Thing..Even if you choose a small item, it'll feel good. Plus, if you already know what the gift is, it's impossible for the gift to be disappointing.

Buy A Gift To Myself

The Book of Majmu Syarif  has a very important position in the daily lives of Muslims.The content is a practical guide to worship accompanied by a collection of prayers, remembrance, Yasin, Tahlil, Asmaul Husna and choice letters for guidance on the spirituality of a Muslim in various conditions.

Majmu Syarif Exclusive comes with a better quality and more features, including:

The most complete text:the transliteration uses a large font size making it suitable for parents; designed with the latest format of the Al-Quran Manuscripts and equipped with a Colour Tajweed mark on each verse.

The Book of Majmu consists of Selected Surahs of The Quran, Yasin,Tahlil, Adab Pray, Remembrance and Blessings.

1 Complete Set of Ratibul Haddad
13 Blessings of the Prophet and His Teachings
99 Asmaul Husna
7 Haikal

Spesifikasi: A5 (22cm*16cm)

Thickness: 320 PageS

2)Exclusive Kiswah Travel Prayermat  

We have a variety of colours and designs to choose from.

Kiswah Travel Prayermat Ideal for a Gift To Yourself or Your Loved Ones

Comes In Satin Pouch

Crystal Tasbih 99 Beads 

Dimension: 110*70cm 

Material: Foldable  Perfect for Travel..It snug nicely in the Satin Pouch

Wrap in Transparent Box n Ribbon 

"A Gift To Myself"