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Al-Quran Al-Karim Noble Word By Word Translation Arabic English

is a word-by-word translation study method for the Arabic and English versions of the Qur'an, where each word and sentence is coloured differently.
The accurate translation of the Quran ensures that the reader can comprehend the meaning of every single word.
Because the Quran contains a variety of Arabic linguistic idioms and occasionally metaphor, it is important to keep in mind that not every literal translation accurately captures the word's original meaning.
Sahih International's translation of the Holy Quran has therefore been included in this edition to help readers grasp the word's or verse's intended or full meaning.
However, it would be essential to read the Quranic commentary written by reputable experts in order to fully understand the meaning of the Quran.

Approved by Malaysia's Department of Islamic Development (KDN)



Noble Al-Karim English Al-Quran Assorted Colours - ALHIQMA