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AlHiqma Al-Quran Tagging Kit Penandaan

Al-Quran Tagging Kit - Penandaan

AlHiqma Al-Quran Tagging Kit Penandaan
AlHiqma Quran Tagging Kit - A better understanding of the Qur'an's marked highlighting and categorizing keys versus passages makes it easier to understand and maintain the message.  the Qur'an
AlHiqma Quran Tagging Kit - Personal growth in pre-cut tags in the Quran may help individuals develop and explore their understanding of the Quran helps to establish their faith and relationship with God.


Enhance your understanding of Islam with a tagged Quran. From improved memory and easy reference to personalised learning, gain a deeper connection with Allah and increase your engagement with the text. 

All verses extracted from the Al-Quran, translated by Sheikh Abdullah Muhammad Basmeih - Prominent Scholar, Malaysia.

Order your tagging kit today and take the first step in your journey to understanding the religion. 

Tagging kits available in Malay & English.

In collaboration with #SouthAfricanMuslimahTaggingKits (Parts 1 & Part 2). We are the Exclusive Reseller in Asia For English Tagging.