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AlHiqma Al-Quran Tag Al Baqarah:255-The Throne

Al-Quran Tag: Al Baqarah:255

AlHiqma Al-Quran Tag Al Baqarah:255-The Throne

"Allah! There is no god "worthy of worship" besides Him, the One Who is Always Living and Always Sustaining. He is not overcome by sleep or weariness. Both the sky and the earth are His, and they both belong to Him. Who could possible make a request of Him without His consent? He knows "completely" what lies in front of and behind them, but no one can understand what He knows, except for what He chooses to "reveal." The upkeep of both the heavens and the earth falls under His Throne, which He maintains without growing weary. He is the Highest and Greatest, after all."

Kursi, an Arabic word, can refer to either a seat or wisdom. Several traditions that are attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ ) mention that Allah's Throne ('Arsh) is greater than His Kursi.


All verses extracted from the Al-Quran, translated in Malay by Sheikh Abdullah Muhammad Basmeih - Prominent Scholar, Malaysia.


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