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AlHiqma Al-Quran Tag Al Baqarah:233-Breastfeeding a Child for 2 Years

Al-Quran Tag: Al Baqarah:233

AlHiqma Al-Quran Tag Al Baqarah:233-Breastfeeding a Child for 2 Years 

"˹Divorced˺ mothers will breastfeed their offspring for two whole years, for those who choose to complete the breastfeeding ˹of their child˺. When that time comes, the father of the child will provide the mother with reasonable care and clothing. No one will be given more responsibility than they can handle. No parent should be forced to endure suffering because of their child. The same duty applies to the "father's" heirs. But, if both parties agree to wean a kid after mutual discussion and permission, there is no fault on their part. If you choose to pay reasonably, it's alright to have a wet nurse care for your kids. Remember Allah, and know that Allah sees all you do."


All verses extracted from the Al-Quran, translated in Malay by Sheikh Abdullah Muhammad Basmeih - Prominent Scholar, Malaysia.


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